TAC Hot Issues

CSCtx33142 – RT handset voice quality 9971 bug (prelace the handset)
CSCty00808 -Ip phone resets when we connect or disconnect a PC on the PC port.
CSCtx41256 -RT 9951/8961 slow offhook dial issue
CSCtx77199 – Continuous tone after entering DTMF digits

CSCty15458 Unable to record voice for SIP calls
R (ES24, no SU) – CSCtt17946 – ‘Unable to run CDR reports after upgrade due to “Migration in progress”‘
R (SU1) – CSCtx38318 Failed to migrate records to tbl_generated_report table from
R (ES28, no SU) – CSCty36110 – CUCM 8.6 Tomcat OOM with “com.rsa.sslj.x.cu” suspect under high AXL Load ES28

UC 8.5 Question: Field Notice does not provide a fixed version for 8.5 and advises to upgrade to 8.6. Alot of clients do not have the hardware to upgrade to 8.6. http://www.cisco.com/en/US/products/csa/cisco-sa-20120229-cucm.html


ITL Presentation

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